Oral Histories

Would you like to share your thoughts, memories or stories about Graylingwell?

Graylingwell Hospital was officially closed in 2001, with the final patients being rehoused within the community. Many people have been patients or staff at Graylingwell, or have lived nearby. During the Graylingwell Heritage Project a specially trained oral history team collected many stories, thoughts and experiences. These oral histories form a crucial part of contemporary heritage and, with permission, many of them have been made available in various ways, including being catalogued at West Sussex Record Office, and with excerpts transcribed within the project publication, ‘Beneath the Water Tower’.

If you have memories of Graylingwell, West Sussex Record Office is still keen to add recordings to its oral history collection. You don’t have to have lived or worked at Graylingwell in order to take part – all are welcome. To find out more, please contact the record office at record.office@westsussex.gov.uk

History of Graylingwell Hospital